About SwayPay

Back in 2015, Sevket Seyalioglu and Akbar Saliev, founders of the travel booking platform Tripindeal.com, were struggling to solve problems the company was facing – double their daily earnings were lost to shopping cart abandonment and payment failures. Looking around at the travel industry, it was easy to see that hotels were also losing incredible amounts of revenue to online travel agencies like Expedia. After successfully exiting their venture in 2016, the two set out to create a disruptive product to address problems experienced by both hoteliers and guests.

SwayPay was founded in 2017 with a mission to make hotels more profitable while ensuring the guest checkout experience is fast, secure and rewarding.

Meet the Team

A tight-knit group of entrepreneurial minds and software experts with decades of experience in ecommerce. And years of collaborative innovation.

Sevket Seyalioglu


Former travel ecommerce startup CTO with a disruptive vision. Led online payment software teams for 17+ years. Never lived in a city that does not have a remarkable bridge.

Akbar Saliev


Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of work in the finance, IT and services industries. Master's in finance. Wants to live on Mars by the time Skynet becomes self-aware.

Photo of Mark

Mark Pulliam

Chief Commercial Officer

Helping hoteliers solve some of the industry's greatest challenges. If Mark doesn't answer his mobile phone, he's either on his motorcycle or on a ski slope.

Photo of Yvonne

Yvonne Nieves

Director of Strategic Business Partnerships

Identifies opportunities for new alliances and develops strategies for raising revenue. Has skinning a fully-grown aligator on her bucket list!

Photo of Sinan

Sinan Aksay

Design Lead

UX designer and front-end developer. Collector of Legos, chemistry books and opponents' pawns.

Photo of Christina

Natalie Patterson

Senior UX Copy Artist

Copywriter and singer-songwriter smashing headlines, deadlines and hooks. Bouldering enthusiast and cat wrangler.

Photo of Petro

Petro Sidlovskyy

Tech Lead Architect

Led a software team that developed a PCI-compliant travel ecommerce platform. Wizard with .NET and C#. Father of two awesome sons. Avid Stephen King reader.

Photo of Igor Konopko

Igor Konopko

Senior Back-end Engineer

Strategic member of software development and support team behind PCI-compliant ecommerce platform. Practices martial arts and yoga.

Photo of Igor Polishchuk

Igor Polishchuk

Senior Back-end Engineer

Former key back-end engineer for global travel ecommerce platform. .NET developer with strong C# knowledge. Avid traveler with a passion for experiencing the world.

Photo of Roger

Roger Rappoport

Legal Advisor

Attorney with extensive experience advising investor-driven technology startups in Silicon Valley.