with a single plugin

Increase direct bookings
by at least 25%

Keep your existing booking engine, drive more direct conversions, and offer the fastest checkout experience to your guests.


“...an unheard-of
12-second checkout”

- Forbes Magazine

Make it irresistible for guests to reserve your rooms

SwayPay removes booking steps so your guests can easily
reserve a room 4x faster than the industry average.

Give guests incentives to book direct

Guests skip the forms

Reservation and payment details are saved in-app and then sent straight to your hotel’s CRS.

Savings at every booking

Exclusive coupons appear just before a traveler books. Travelers earn cashback rewards on every booking too.

Biometrics replace passwords

Travelers confirm their booking extra fast and enjoy the peace of mind of not using passwords.

Instant financing

Fight sticker shock at booking. Let your guests pay for their reservation over 0% APR monthly installments.

Control how and when your guests pay

SwayPay gives you the freedom to work with the payment processor and pricing models that benefit you.

Accept and promote your preferred payment methods

Your property has the freedom to decide which digital wallets and credit cards to accept and promote on your booking engine.

Payment methods supported include Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and more.

Set time of payment based on rates, offers, and guest preferences

SwayPay can accommodate reservations for guests who pay in-full upfront, at check-in, checkout or anything in between. You decide.

App screen with the option Book now and then pay at the hotel with AndroidPay or PayPal.

Offer guests on-the-spot financing for bookings over $500

Let guests pay for their trip over 0% APR monthly payments from our lending partner or yours. Guests book, and pay later. You’re paid in 24 hours.

Payment methods supported include Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and more.

Enhance payment security
for your guests

With SwayPay, guests authorize their payment with biometrics, including fingerprint, iris scan, and facial recognition. No passwords are required, so travelers can pay with more peace of mind too.

Reduce fraud, chargebacks, and liability at your hotel

SwayPay’s patented, PCI-DSS-certified platform combines multi-factor authentication with data to detect and prevent fraud. When guests pay, their tokenized card data goes straight to your payment processor too, so sensitive information doesn’t need to touch your servers.

Guests can start booking
from any device, then pay by phone

Give travelers a great guest experience from the moment they decide to book.

  • 1Guests find your hotel on any device, then book with SwayPay to skip the forms.
  • 2Booking is confirmed by phone with biometrics.
  • 3Payment info goes to your preferred payment processor. Reservation details go straight to your CRS.

“An app that boasts an unheard-of 12-second checkout”

- Forbes Magazine

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